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HICOP Contractor is a choice you can never go wrong with. No matter what kind of change you would like to see in your home or business location – whether you want to add a wooden decking to your garden, or if you would like to build an awning, you can rely on us to provide professional, cost-effective services. With a decade of experience in this industry, Hicop Engineering never fails to satisfy our customer's needs till date. With our specialised division in wooden decking, not just installing but we are able to extend our services to repairs, replace and even customize to your specific requirements.

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We are specialise in awnings for all residential homes and also complimenting it with our range of outdoor decking includes both Chengal Wood Decking and Composite Wood Decking so our customers have a choice to choose which kind of material best suit their home.

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Composite Decking

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